History of KEHATI Foundation - KEHATI

History of KEHATI Foundation

05 Juli 2013

Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati Indonesia (KEHATI) or the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation was established in January 14, 1994. The organisation is directed to mobilize and manage resources to be channeled to other parties in the form of grant, facilitation, consultation and other assistance to support various programs of biodiversity conservation and utilization in a fair and sustainable manner.

The establishment of this Foundation was closely related to the 1992 Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo Declaration in 1993. Those event encourage three countries: the USA, Japan and Indonesia, to make an agreement to support the efforts of sustainable biodiversity conservation programs in Indonesia.

Prof. DR. Emil Salim, who had just retired from his position as a State Minister of Environment and Population Affairs, was asked by the Indonesian Government to establish a Non Governmental Organization to manage and execute biodiversity programs under the grant support of the US Government. Together with his friends, such as Mr. Koesnadi Hardjasoemantri, Ismid Hadad, Erna Witoelar, M.S. Kismadi, and Nono Anwar Makarim, He formulated the organisation statute, organizational structure, and the organisation programs. Later on they decided to name the organisation as Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati Indonesia (Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation), abbreviated as KEHATI.

The grant from the US Government was given in the form of an Endowment Fund which was invested in stocks and bonds through the capital market. The return of the investment was used for funding the grant programs executed by KEHATI’s partners.

KEHATI’s support can be offered in the form of grant, expertise, consultation and other various forms  to support the activities of NGOs, Community Organizations, research, educational and trainings institutions and other organizations and independent community components whose programs are in line with KEHATI’s: conservation and  use of biodiversity in a sustainable and fair manner.

KEHATI acts as the catalyst to invent innovative ways in conserving, managing and utilizing the Indonesian biodiversity in sustainable manner. Various forms of cooperation are established with institutions that are supportive to KEHATI’s vision and mission, including the central and regional government, business communities, universities, NGOs/Local Community Organizations, professional associations and the media as well. Their support is very crucial to save Indonesian biodiversity from extinction, so that the benefit can be experienced by the next generation.

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