Partnership with Grant Receivers

How to become KEHATI’s Grant Receiving Partners?

KEHATI‘s Grant is given to:

1.    Partners who works in three prioritized ecosystems :

  • Agricultural programs
  • Forestry Programs
  • Coastal and Small Islands Programs

The Programs should be concerning the sustainable conservation and utilization of biodiversity. The programs proposed should last more than one year.

2.    Grant Funding for specific programs such as MFP II, TFCA Sumatra, TFCA Kalimantan can be proposed directly to :

How to submit a Proposal to KEHATI? See Grant Fund.

Partnership with Donor Institutions

In order to run its duty in mobilizing, managing and channeling the Grant, KEHATI continues to enhance its efforts in resource mobilization to obtain public’s support. The efforts include among others, relationship building with multilateral fund institutions, bilateral institutions, national as well as international private institutions and also public funding for programs of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.

Partnership and cooperation can be built in various forms such as :

•    Funding for programs in 3 prioritized ecosystems: Agriculture, Forestry, Coastal and Small Islands ecosystems.
•    Funding for educational activities in the above said ecosystems
•    Participating in KEHATI Mutual Fund as investor
•    Donation for several biodiversity conservation programs.
•    Sponsorship in various events organized by KEHATI.

From 1995 to date, KEHATI has built partnership with various national and international donors, ranged from national and international private corporations as well as corporate Foundations as the form of implementation of their CSR programs, or as community partnership and development programs. The fund managed by KEHATI is channeled for programs relating to biodiversity conservation and utilization in agricultural, forestry and coastal & small islands ecosystems, and also environmental education.

In 2008 KEHATI was entrusted with Programme Management Unit ( PMU ) for multi stakeholder  Forestry Programme phase II. It is a cooperation between Indonesian Government represented by Ministry of Forestry and the British Government represented by DFID.

In 2009, KEHATI also was entrusted with the task to manage an amount of fund under a debt swap for nature scheme, to fund a program called Tropical Forest Conservation Action (TFCA) to save Sumatra Forest.  In 2011, KEHATI once again obtain a trustful task to manage fund for another TFCA program, in Kalimantan.

Fund raising is also done through KEHATI Mutual Fund managed by PT BAHANA TCW with Asset Under Management ( AUM ) amount to Rp 25 Billions.  The investment return is used as Grant to fund the programs in the three ecosystems : Agriculture, Forestry, Coastal and Small Islands.

For information on cooperation of KEHATI with donors for biodiversity conservation and utilization, please contact: Resource Development Officer,  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telephone: (+62 21) 7183185 & 7183187;  fax: (+62 21) 7196131.

List of Donors which have built cooperative partnership with KEHATI from 1995 to 2012 can be browsed in the following link : List of KEHATI Donors.