The Blue Abadi Fund (BAF) program has completed the distribution of cycle-1 grants to support efforts to conserve the Bird’s Head Seascape (BLKB) ecosystem and its species through protection activities and sustainable management by 23 local partners with the following achievements:


  • 3,374 children and young people in 68 villages in the BLKB participated in the environmental education program.


  • In order to support joint management of the 3.6 million ha Aquatic Conservation Area network with a focus on Raja Ampat District, 431 patrols have been carried out by the Raja Ampat BLUD in 7 sub-MPAs, and 820 patrols by communities / indigenous peoples in 4 sub- KKPA. All of these patrols recorded 45 zoning violations, of which 2 violations were subject to adat sanctions.


  • Two critical turtle nesting beaches at BLKB, namely Piyai-Sayang Beach and Jean Womom Beach Park, Tambraw are regularly patrolled. Breeding of hatchlings in Piay increased by 26.7% from the baseline (2008-2013) or a total of 130,056 hatchlings.


  • To support monitoring of conservation efforts at the BLKB, 5 ecological monitoring & 1 coral health monitoring have been carried out in the Raja Ampat MPA, KaAA MPA, and Cendrawasih Bay National Park.


  • Developing capacity related to marine conservation and natural resource management 422 KKP practitioners, fisheries, and other resource users, including 63 women, of which more than 80% of the total participants are indigenous Papuans.