KEHATI helps Mangrovesari partners in Breres carry out rehabilitation and development activities for mangrove ecotourism, as well as strengthen its management institutions through collaboration with many parties. KEHATI provides support for increased marketing of ecotourism products by building online marketing platforms using websites. Capacity building through information technology has succeeded in providing services and innovations for better value added environmental service products.




Pandansari Mangrove Tourism Village, is now visited by both local and national tourists. With an average number of tourist visits per year reaching 120 thousand people, the ecotourism managed by the Mangrovesari Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) is able to donate more than one billion rupiahs a year. Thanks to the mangrove forest, the residents of Pandansari hamlet receive abundant blessings. Mangrove tourism is able to absorb a lot of labor, encourage the growth of community-managed kiosks, and also the emergence of homestays to accommodate tourists from outside the area. In addition, there are also educational tours for nature schools, boiled salt processing, soft-crab cultivation, and others.