The KEHATI Foundation through the Strengthening Palm Oil Sustainability in Indonesia / SPOS Indonesia (Strengthening Sustainable Palm Oil Management Program in Indonesia) is motivated by a passion for palm oil governance in Indonesia with the mission of improving the welfare of small scale oil palm planters and eliminating the conversion of natural forests and peat for oil palm palm oil.

This program is a follow-up program of “Strengthening ISPO” which was implemented in April 2017 to June 2019 which has produced several achievements such as the draft Presidential Regulation on ISPO; the new ISPO system draft, which contains procedures, principles, criteria, indicators, verifiers, and assessment mechanisms; draft competency standard for sustainable oil palm plantations; map of oil palm cover throughout Indonesia, including Oil Palm in Forest Areas; piloting the Agrarian Resolution Process for smallholders in forest areas; Pilot Data Collection and Registration (STDB) of Independent Farmers; and the Benah (Transition Forest) Concept to restore the function of the forest ecosystem.


This program will also support Ministry / Institution programs related to the coordination of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs as chair of the Steering Team.