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Directorate of Environmental Partnership MoEF and KEHATI Foundation Introduce Biodiversity to Scout Members in Bandung Regency

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    30 Apr 2020
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Date: July 20 2018

Author: KEHATI


The KEHATI Foundation supports the Action Movement for the Environment activity organized by the Directorate for Environmental Partnerships, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) at Sari Alam Medicinal Plantations (KTO), Soreang, Bandung, West Java, last Sunday (1/7/2018). Support is provided through the involvement of Biodiversity Wariors as instructors and assistants to scout members in the Bandung Regency area through the activities of Biodiversity (Kehati) Exploration.


Director of Environmental Partnership at the Directorate General of Social Forestry and Environmental Partnership, MOEF, Jo Kumala Dewi, said that the Action Movement for the environment aims to increase awareness of the younger generation, especially members of the Saka Kalpataru Scout who are cadres of the environment and forestry (LHK) in efforts to protect and manage environmental and forestry. In addition, it is also an effort to increase the capacity of scout members and encourage motivation to take an active role in efforts to protect and manage the environment and forestry.


“Scout members who take part in general activities are from the Penegak and Pandega group, they are introduced to the Kalpataru Work Unit (Saka). Saka Kalpataru itself is a special part of the Scout under the of MOEF and is engaged in environmental conservation,” Jo concluded.


On the same occasion, the Coordinator of the KEHATI Foundation’s Biodiversity Warriors, Indeka Dharma Putra explained that 65 members of the Bandung Regency Scout joined the Action for the Environment Movement. One of the activities carried out is to acknowledge the diversity of medicinal plants and fauna.


“Scout members were given an explanation of the activities of Saka Kalpataru, which consist of Krida 3 R, Krida Climate Change and Biodiversity Krida. In Krida Biodiversity, one of the activities is to observe, record and document biodiversity,” said Indeka.


Scouts, which has the impression of a unit that is close to nature, need to familiar with the biodiversity that exists, especially those in the surrounding area. This can trigger enthusiasm to maintain and preserve the biodiversity.


The owner of KTO Sari Alam, Oday Kodariah welcomes the activities of the Action Movement for the Environment carried out in her place. Mrs. Oday, who has preserved medicinal plants by planting hundreds of plants of medicinal plants as a wealth of Indonesia’s genetic resources, said that the young generation is very important to preserve and preserve Indonesia’s biodiversity. Biodiversity is not inheritance from our ancestor, but rather a gift for our children and grandchi