Basic Values

The vision and mission that KEHATI will achieve through a series of programs and activities is carried out based on the following basic principles and values:


  • Diversity. Believe that biodiversity and the life in it guarantees the continuity of life on earth. Therefore, KEHATI respects the diversity of ecological, economic, cultural, legal and spiritual values, and supports the diversity of life both in nature and social life.


  • Continuity. Believe that all generations have fundamental rights to a reasonable life and a balanced environment in the long run. KEHATI upholds the principles of sustainable development by always paying attention to the carrying capacity of the environment, improving the economic community, and inter-generational interests, behavior that maintains the balance of the ecosystem, and the sustainability of life.


  • Justice. KEHATI develops attitudes and behaviors that fulfill a sense of justice by applying the distribution of benefits and responsibilities in an equitable, democratic, and gender-oriented manner. KEHATI also provides equal opportunities and opportunities to all communities and pays attention to inter-regional and inter-generational justice.


  • Alignments. In efforts to preserve and utilize biodiversity in a sustainable manner, KEHATI upholds the principle of partiality in vulnerable, poor and marginal groups of people.
    Trust. Placing trust (trust) as valuable and most decisive capital in building cooperation and partnerships. Thus, KEHATI seeks to build and maintain high trust, both in the internal environment and in multi-stakeholder relations.