Nutmeg is a type of spice that thrives on the islands of the Archipelago. These fruit grains have high economic value, and have great potential to become an export commodity. However, only through good processing and management, this commodity can truly provide significant economic benefits.


In the Sangihe Islands, KEHATI through the Association of Organic Farmers (APO

) of the Sangihe Community (Komasa) developed organic certification of nutmeg commodities, as well as assisting nutmeg farmers to cultivate and process their palms according to organic principles.

The effort was started by facilitating around 300 farmers to gather in organizatio

ns in the form of cooperatives. They are members of APO Komasa.

KEHATI then facilitated farmers to get organic certification from the International for Marketecology (IMO), an organic product certification agency on the European market. These efforts also facilitate penetration of local nutmeg into special niches in the export market.

By penetrating export market access, farmers can enjoy a much higher selling price so that they have the opportunity to become more prosperous and food self-sufficient.