Vision & Mission

“Nature is sustainable for the present and future of the country’s children.”

A world with biodiversity that grows naturally intact, where all levels of society move together to preserve and increase their added value to meet all the needs of life in a just, dignified and sustainable way.




  • Develop knowledge, local wisdom and conservation practices as well as innovative uses of biodiversity in a sustainable manner based on forest, agriculture and marine ecosystems
  • Expanding green economy and local culture movements based on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity added at the local, national and global leve
  • Mobilize the power of millennial youth, especially urban communities and local communities to support biodiversity conservation principles and practices based on sustainable development patterns
  • Encourage the improvement of a clean and open public policy structure at the local to national level to improve the management of conservation and use of biodiversity in particular and sustainable development in general
  • Strengthen and develop more innovative and diverse sources, funding systems and financing mechanisms to enhance the impact of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity


KEHATI always maintains accountability and transparency in its efforts to become a trusted and influential agent of change in achieving its vision and mission for the preservation of biodiversity and its sustainable use for the welfare of society.